Ocelot’s Debut Album Announced — Pre-order now on 577 Records!

“Not only is their integration of improvisation and composition seamless, there’s always an attention to detail in what they do — combined with an open, fearless approach – that’s very refreshing. This is music that wants to communicate with the listener, and it absolutely succeeds.”  Eivind Opsvik – bassist, composer and producer Hi friends and listeners, I’m excited to announce a new album being released on March 26th, 2021 — It’s on

Mini-EP Release

On Friday June 5th, Bandcamp is waiving their processing fee so that all of the proceed will go directly to the artist. In the wake of the recent incidents, I have decided to direct the sales toward The Movement for Black Lives (https://m4bl.org/). As a non-Black POC, I cannot pretend to understand the Black American experience. I can however, listen to their perspectives, express my solidarity, become more aware of