Leader / Co-leader

Ocelot (2021) – Collective trio with Cat Toren and Colin Hinton released on 577 Records

Two Improvisations (2020) – A single released with Sho artist Chatori Shimizu released on Polyfold Music

Spear and Shield (2015) – Debut EP; Self released


Idiom (2021) – With Anna Webber Large Ensemble to be released on Pi Recordings

Laughing Coffin (2020) – With Alec Goldfarb’s Laughing Coffin; self released

Simulacra (2019) – With Colin Hinton’s Simulacra released on New Focus Recordings

A Thoughtful Collapse (2018) – With Pravin Thompson released on Small Settlement

Ash, Dust, and the Chalkboard Cinema (2018) – With Peter Nelson released on Outside in Music

ThruWorlds (2017) – With Ken Ychicawa; self released