Selected Discography

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Leader Release

Spear and Shield 
Self Released 2015
“Compelling debut from saxophonist Uesaka, who susses out some powerful moments from his gentle lyricism.”
– Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm
A debut EP recorded right at the end of my study at University of Michigan. It features fellow Umich colleagues Ian Finkelstein (piano), Ben Rolston (bass), and Julian Allen (drums) as well Stephen Grady Jr (tenor sax)

Sideperson Work

New Focus Recordings 2019
“Hinton reaches higher levels with this work, positioning himself as an able and assured composer within the left side of the contemporary jazz scene.” –
Filipe Freitas, 12.10.19, JazzTrail
Colin Hinton is a frequent collaborator of mine, and I’m proud to be part of this ambitious record along with Anna Webber, Shawn Lovato, and Ed Gavitt
Laughing Coffin
Self Released 2020

Brooklyn based chamber ensemble led by Alec Goldfarb.

Recorded live 11/25/18 at Scholes St. Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Alec Goldfarb · Composer, Guitar Mat Muntz · Contrabass Nolan Tsang · Trumpet Steven Crammer · Drum Set Xavier Del Castillo · Tenor Saxophone Yuma Uesaka · Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone

Self Released 2017
“remarkable constant discharge of emotions” – El Comercio.
I was glad to be a part of this drummer-composer Ken Ychicawa‘s latest album. Ken beautifully toes the line between jazz, free music, and modern music. It features many artists but it was particularly a pleasure to play with Jorge Roeder and Miguel Gallardo